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Course Benefits and Outcomes

  • Identify and Release Negative Emotions- A Major Key on the Path to Success
  • Empowered Sense of Self
  • Increased Self Love
  • Standing Tall in Increased Self Worth
  • Fulfillment in Career and Life
  • Create Nurturing/Interdependent Relationships
  • Autonomy-  life on your terms in all areas (intimate relationships, family, profession,
    social life)
  • Create an ABUNDANT Life!

For me, your healing is personal!

Hi, my name is Nafisah (na-FI-sa). I am a Freedom and Purpose coach who specializes in coaching carers and givers to step into their power through self-care, healthy boundaries, and seeing themselves as worthy of asking and receiving. 
The result is a life and career of freedom, purpose, and fulfillment. In other words, you start to operate in life from a place of strength and hope.
I am also a medical doctor and have a Master's in Public Health; and I apply these, alongside my life experiences in my practice.

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Step into Your Power!

Envision and build your life of fulfillment with the deep healing program where healthy boundaries are at the core.


This course puts your satisfaction as the top priority. Watch the videos, work on the exercises, be present.

However, if you are not fully SATISFIED with your experience, ask for a FULL REFUND within 30 days of purchase. 


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