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To be honest, I don't like to show off my certifications. This is because I have helped more clients heal and step into their power as I have healed and mastered who I am.

The most important factor for emotional healing and growth is safety:

How comfortable are people in my presence?

In other words, how safe are they to be themselves when they are with me?

The main driver of all trauma responses is fear, even when we are not aware of them coming to the surface in any given situation. Fear is often accompanied by anxiety and depression. 

First and most important, my work with you is to validate, acknowledge, and map out where you are at (point A). This stage is crucial in the compassion/ trauma healing journey and the healthy relationships you are building. Compassion/ trauma healing opens one/ groups to positive changes in habits/patterns.

Then, we work on defining vision and goals and what your best life looks like in all areas of life and relationships (point B). 

The above concept can be applied to trauma practice work in institutions as well.

The space between point A and point B is tailored to the client because we all have our processes and needs.

My specialty lies in providing formulas, systems, and strategies to manifest your best life, increase productivity, achieve desired goals and build healthy relationships. 



1) Life coaching certification

2) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma


Master's in Public Health

University of Debrecen, Hungary

By the time after my public health program, so much had happened in my personal life and I was on the journey of understanding healthy boundaries and self-discovery. I came to embrace the greatness that is within me and harness it.

I started to explore careers that help empower people, not enable or disable them. There, I came across life coaching and it ticked all of the boxes for me. 

Simultaneously, I continued to explore trauma and healing pathways which led me to create strategies and systems for healing and growth.

During the master's in the public health program, I learned so much more about health promotion and preventive interventions. 

The highlight of my studies was persuasive and effective communication.  I enjoyed meeting the community and my love for community work was sparked.


Doctor Of Medicine (MD)

University of Debrecen, Hungary

My medical studies exposed me to understanding the human body and its physiology. The focus was on the physiology, pathology, and diagnosis of diseases.

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