Coaching Services

Welcome to our services page.

Here, you will find more information on the personal program, where we work one on one, an online course to learn more about stepping into abundance as a giver, and a safe space for like-minded people on their own healing journies.

Open To Receive- Build Emotional Capacity

As a giver and over-giver, you have most likely found yourself fitting into situations and not having the feeling of belonging. You also must have found yourself in patterns of extortive relationships that leave you giving away your energy and drained.

It is now time for you to step into your power and see yourself as enough, as worthy of receiving. This way you experience what is called abundance and nurturing relationships. 

My work with you will involve navigating your main trauma responses, self-mastery, emotional regulation, and making informed decisions.

You begin to have a zest for life and see that you too are deserving of great things and experiences in life.

The personal program is semi-structured in such a way that I am there to guide you, while you sit in the driver's seat of your healing journey. We will measure milestones and breakthroughs throughout the program.

The personal program is really good if you have made a resolution to do the work. You just know that it is time for some big changes in your life, therefore you are READY.

Arm Around Shoulder

How To Receive As A Giver:1-hour Workshop

The 1-hour workshop takes you through the stages through healing as a giver in order to receive. 

We will look at challenges that givers face and strategies to navigate and overcome them.