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Personal Program
1:1 Coaching

As a giver and over-giver, you have most likely found yourself fitting into situations and not having the feeling of belonging. You also must have found yourself in patterns of extortive relationships that leave you giving away your energy and drained.

It is now time for you to step into your power and see yourself as enough, as worthy of receiving. This way you experience what is called abundance and nurturing relationships. 

My work with you will involve navigating your main trauma responses, self-mastery, emotional regulation, and making informed decisions.

You begin to have a zest for life and see that you too are deserving of great things and experiences in life.

The personal program is semi-structured in such a way that I am there to guide you, while you sit in the driver's seat of your healing journey. We will measure milestones and breakthroughs throughout the program.

The personal program is really good if you have made a resolution to do the work. You just know that it is time for some big changes in your life, therefore you are READY.

Coaching For Caregivers and Service Givers/
Trauma-informed Practice in Institutions

My work with givers is centered around relationships with self, presence, and holding space within the individual and the collective in the process; thereby building nurturing relationships. 

Givers, as the name suggests, love to give and find it difficult to receive in any form. Moreover, they are predominantly found working in care and service-giving positions, such as healthcare institutions and Non-Profit/ Charity Organizations. 

Research shows that givers are at a higher risk of stress and burnout, thereby ending up feeling drained and exhausted. The heart and good intentions are there to make positive change, yet the capacity (due to trauma that has placed them in the giver position) may not be available. 

In a more positive and desired direction, when givers open to receive and become matchers, everybody wins. When givers become matchers, they begin to harness the power that is within them and build/nurture relationships

The SHIFT from giving to matching (open to receiving) comes from the givers healing trauma responses that are borne from emotional trauma in childhood. This way, they create safety, security, and trust within themselves in order to serve more efficiently. 

Institutions that specialize in care and services need to recognize the concept of holding space/ building capacity among their workers as a priority.

Picture a cogwheel system that constantly requires mending, venting, rejuvenation, etc to perform efficiently. Everyone in the organization has an important role to play toward a common direction. Therefore, they should be supported to live their best lives in order to create a healthy culture and working environment. Two out of the many results observed are increased client satisfaction and a flow in the system.

My work with institutions involves a multidimensional approach and at different levels depending on their needs.

Use the contact buttons to schedule a call that will explore your institution's needs and move forward to improved productivity, and achieve desired goals and results.

Team Meeting

A Comprehensive Guide to Receiving as a Giver

The 1-hour online course takes you through the stages of healing as a giver in order to receive. 

We will look at the array of challenges that givers face and strategies to navigate and overcome them.

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What Clients Are Saying 


Esther Molefe

I firstly want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything. In the past months I have learned a lot of things about myself and that forced me to also challenge myself a lot. I have outgrown habits that were not useful to me. The sessions were very therapeutic for me in so many ways. Thank you for all the tools that you have shared🌸May God bless you always🌸

Woman at Work

Carina Beleyi, Healthcare Practitioner

The importance of self-awareness is the prerequisite for setting values and firm boundaries.

I can succeed, I can heal and I am in control of my happiness.

Woman with Stacked Rings

Leslie Amadi, Marketing Consultant

Working with Nafisah was amazing. She listens to you and asks questions that help you to find the answers to your questions by yourself. I like her method of approach as a coach. She provides materials with techniques that shed more light than materials with loads of information that overwhelms you.

Dancing with Headphones

Benedette, Registered Nurse

You helped me to refocus and helped me turn my pain into opportunities.  I am not afraid of my scars because they have made me a star. I have started anew at 51, You taught me that I am enough, and indeed I am enough. I matter, and I am the greatest winner of this tragedy!